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The Reasons Behind Missed Injections
A new study suggests that more than 50% of all diabetics who must use insulin injections to manage their disease miss injections on a regular basis. Why would someone intentionally bypass the use of medication that can help them in their personal health care?

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Diabetes, Depression and Retinopathy
Diabetes + depression = additional disease. That seems to be the multiplication of common denominators in the arena of diabetic care. Why is this so and what can you do about it?

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A Partnership to Save Beta Cells
What would it be like for those who may be prone to the development of Type 1 diabetes to encounter a solution that stops beta cells from being destroyed? A newly announced partnership hopes to answer that question.

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A Sensible Approach to Christmas
For some reason when Christmas rolls around it can be easy to begin naming all the things you love. Your emotions are tied to tastes, scents and sights of the holiday. When you have diabetes you may find your emotional wants in conflict with what your body needs.