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erica feeling alot better!!!!!!!!!
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I was already going thru some BIG changes when i was diagnosed, I was 14. Since then it has been a uphill struggle! About a year or so after the day that changed my life i started to become non-compliant, I did the typical teenage rebellion thing, I drank, did drugs, developed and eating disorder. Despite all that it wasn't really taking a toll on my body, untill i went away to college. From May of 02 till March of 03 I was in the hospital with dka over a dozen times! After that i was somewhat forced in to soberity, and i have been clean from drugs and alcohol ever since!!!! I have suffered some complications from my years of being so reckless, I have nerve damage in my legs, and in my stomach, I have done damaged o my heart, and my eyes. But today I am doing alot better! With all the advances in meds and the variety of foods that are now out there it is a little bit easier for me. But food is my passion, so starting in September 2008, i am going to attend the culinary program at the local college, I am sooo excited! I love to read, and music has always helped me express myself. I journal almost everyday, I use it as a stress reliever when I am Craving some chocolate cake..haha! I spent alot of time with my family, I have a neice who makes me get out there and exercise! My friends really support me and I thank them for that. I am joining the site becase I am looking for that extra support from people who know what I have went thru, and also to make new friends that know what its like not always being able to order desert!